Candlelight is hygge Danes burn more candles per head than anywhere in Europe, according to the European Candle Association. Dinner with friends is hygge. However you define it, hygge comes into its own when the nights draw in. Your average home will look like something out of an ideal home supplement: Helen Russell Help is at hand. Because although the concept may be about appreciating the little things in life, hygge is A Big Deal in Denmark. Danes will even hygge on the move: Yet, you can still hygge during the hour days of high summer with an ice cream on a park bench or a beer in the garden — and Danes get their wick on with dinner by candlelight no matter what the weather. During my first winter of living Danishly in rural Jutland, temperatures hit minus 20, the fjord froze, and even the dog got seasonal affective disorder. But Danes are pros at making the best of things by embracing hygge.

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Anabaena The Three Domains of Life As previously noted, stromatolites are most often described as biogenically-produced structures formed by colonies of photosynthesizing cyanobacteria. However, this is an enormous oversimplification given that the weight of scientific evidence suggests that all three domains of life the Archaeans, Eubacteria, and Eukaryotes appeared in the Archaean Era, and thus the so-called microbial mats would have contained representatives among all three domains.

Just how and when the base of the tree of life split into the three main branches remains one of the most important questions in all of biology and science, and is the source of constant scientific dispute. Which of the prokaryotes came first, the Archaeans or the Eubacteria remains unresolved, and a consensus has emerged that these primitive microorganisms laterally exchanged genes further confounding attempts to validate what begat what during to course of early evolution on earth.

Lateral gene transfer belies the concept of the single common ancestor see Woese, While formation by colonies of cyanobacteria is probably the primary mechanism for formation of surviving stromatolites in the deep time of the Archaean and half way through the Proterozoic, it is unlikely to have been the only mechanism.

This important Chinese festival, which falls on December 22 this year, signifies one of the 24 solar terms on the Chinese lunar calendar, which used to guide farmers in agricultural production by indicating different periods of seasons.

Poverty Point culture is an archaeological picture of how certain Lower Mississippi Valley peoples lived between around and B. Archaeologists have identified aspects of this way of life over a large area of the Lower Mississippi Valley from a northerly point near the present junction of the Mississippi and Arkansas rivers above the present-day town of Greenville, Mississippi to the Gulf coast. This area includes parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. In addition, tools and ornaments resembling Poverty Point types have been found as far up the river as Tennessee and Missouri and along the Gulf coast as far east as Tampa, Florida, and the Atlantic coast of Georgia.

Archaeologists identify Poverty Point culture by its characteristic artifacts and the nonlocal rocks used to make them. Imported rocks and minerals include various cherts and flints, soapstone, hematite, magnetite, slate, galena, copper, and many others. Radiocarbon dates indicate that some raw materials were being traded to the Poverty Point site and other sections of the Poverty Point culture area by B. The arrival of substantial amounts of these trade materials is a convenient point to define the onset of Poverty Point culture, and their disappearance, a good point to mark its end.

Some characteristic Poverty Point-style artifacts were being made more than 5, years ago, but most came into existence over the next 1, years. They include hand-molded baked clay cooking objects, simple thick-walled pottery, and stone vessels. Other representative artifacts are chipped stone tools, like spear points, adzes, hoes, drills, perforators, edge-retouched flakes, and blades. Polished stone tools, like celts, plummets, and gorgets, as well as polished stone ornaments, like beads, pendants, and animal figures, are also characteristic.

Typical artifacts and trade materials existed for about three or four centuries or until around B.

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Too busy to be kind? We Hongkongers have no excuse 8 Jan Here comes the Winter Solstice dung ji in Cantonese , which marks the day with the longest night of the year. This important Chinese festival, which falls on December 22 this year, signifies one of the 24 solar terms on the Chinese lunar calendar, which used to guide farmers in agricultural production by indicating different periods of seasons. According to Chinese custom, dung ji is also the day when everyone becomes one year older.

We eat tong yuen because their round shape symbolises harmony, reunion and satiety.

Another pattern was two half rings, like those at the Claiborne and Cedarland sites on the Mississippi Gulf coast, which resembled a figure eight cut in half, lengthwise.

Merriam Webster defines diner as a small, informal and inexpensive restaurant that looks like a railroad car. We have to admit this definition does not sound very appetizing. That is why we designed Skylark to reflect what we think a Diner should be! So what is a Skylark Diner? We define it as a comfortable and relaxed restaurant with a wide ranging menu that offers honest pricing.

A restaurant that can host a business meeting, social lunch, brunch with mom, first date or a family meal where everyone can find something that appeals to them. Skylark created a totally different class of restaurant by offering a collection of dishes from around the world, created by a classically trained Chef, while still providing a unique rendition of top notch classic diner fare.

Get cosy: why we should all embrace the Danish art of ‘hygge’

READ MORE Paleolithic toolmaking At sites dating from the Lower Paleolithic Period 2, , to , years ago , simple pebble tools have been found in association with the remains of what may have been some of the earliest human ancestors. A somewhat more-sophisticated Lower Paleolithic tradition known as the Chopper chopping-tool industry is widely distributed in the Eastern Hemisphere and tradition is thought to have been the work of the hominin species named Homo erectus.

It is believed that H. About , years ago a new Lower Paleolithic tool, the hand ax , appeared. The earliest European hand axes are assigned to the Abbevillian industry , which developed in northern France in the valley of the Somme River ; a later, more-refined hand-ax tradition is seen in the Acheulean industry , evidence of which has been found in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Some of the earliest known hand axes were found at Olduvai Gorge Tanzania in association with remains of H.

Every so often, when a man was keeping two families at the same time, the wives would do all they could to cook up the most deliciously seductive bowl of soup to lure him home.

In the s and 60s, Atlantic City was actually known as the “Queen of Resorts” before gambling was legalized in and monstrous casino hotels took over the landscape. They developed the only boutique, luxury, and non-gaming hotel in Atlantic City, The Chelsea , to cater to travelers looking for a refined, independent experience away from the casinos.

People want a hotel experience sometimes more than just a bed and breakfast or motel, and less than the large casino hotels. From a design perspective, it fits much in the mid-century form of the town, and philosophically it focuses on its waterfront location with a full-service beach, two outdoor swimming pools and an upscale nightclub. Since opening, the resort has outperformed a volatile market in town, catering namely to leisure guests on weekends with high amounts of disposable income.

Unlike the casino resorts in town, no rooms are complimentary. Starting a boutique hotel in a time of economic volatility as seen in the past few years is a risky proposition, but if done correctly, it can be a profitable business venture. As travelers change their vacationing patterns, they want more out of their experiences than some of the traditional big-brand hotel chains can offer.

In this guide, we will discuss what exactly a boutique hotel is, the principles to focus on when opening one, and how marketing yourself differently can lead to success even with competition from larger, branded competition. How to Start a Boutique Hotel: Definition of a Boutique Hotel Ask three different people to define a boutique hotel, and you’ll get three extremely different responses. At the most basic level, boutique, or what some refer to as lifestyle hotels, offer a level of intimacy in an increasingly impersonal world.

For many travelers, it’s the element of surprise, in a positive manner, which helps them choose a boutique hotel over a branded facility.

Get cosy: why we should all embrace the Danish art of ‘hygge’

Illumination of Earth at each change of astronomical season Fig. Regardless of the time of day i. In addition to the density of incident light, the dissipation of light in the atmosphere is greater when it falls at a shallow angle. Axis tilt[ edit ] The seasons result from the Earth’s axis of rotation being tilted with respect to its orbital plane by an angle of approximately Regardless of the time of year, the northern and southern hemispheres always experience opposite seasons.

The two instants when the Sun is directly overhead at the Equator are the equinoxes.

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It’s easy to get people to come once, but the hospitality industry is all about getting people to come back again and again.

What is SEASONAL LAG? What does SEASONAL LAG mean? SEASONAL LAG meaning, definition & explanation